Smooth, Clean Energy

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Clean Energy

Give your body the ultimate source of clean energy by utilizing our all new pre-workout! Fuel your workout with 20 of mother nature's superfoods + 150mg of organic jitter free caffeine! With our formulated blend you can take your performance to the next level in and out of the gym. No crash, no itches, just pure power. Nourish your body with essential nutrients and fuel your inner Dragon!

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Robbie Green

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Michaela Chenko

“I created a KILLER workout and ran through it like I was 5 years younger.”


“I'm an early bird and wake up at 4;30am to workout. So I use pre-workout to give me a little extra boost in the morning. However most pre-workouts I used to always use gave me the jitters. But after today of trying Dragons Supplements pre-workout, it was a game changer. I didn't get any jitters, I got a crazy pump and I didn't crash.”

David Fox

Best clean supplement, I’ve been using for months now and love it!

Keenan Miller